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Sunset family portraits in the wispy grass

I absolutely ADORE photographing at sunset. It's probably the romantic in me, but the low golden light just makes the world a more beautiful place. On top of this hill in Salisbury at sunset, with oodles of gorgeous long grass, is absolutely one of my favourite places and times to photograph. I've been lucky enough to photograph this family since their youngest was just a baby. I've photographed them as they've grown, even photographed their litter of puppies, they took part in my charity project Children of Salisbury - Life After Lockdown and hopefully I'll get to do so again before the kids are up and gone.

You have to work fast at sunset so that the light through the series of images stays consistent and they really only wanted simple headshots and group images. Sometimes simple really is the best.

I think you'll agree they're a pretty gorgeous family.

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