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MUSE luxury boudoir photography experience
boudoir photoshoots in Wiltshire
luxury boudoir portrait photography in Dorset and Wiltshire
luxury boudoir photography in Wiltshire by Gemma Brunton for MUSE
MUSE luxury boudoir photoshoots by photographers Gemma Brunton, Kate Hopewell-Smith and Elizabeth Ke

luxury boudoir photography

I'm thrilled to present MUSE.
A new brand of
luxury boudoir photography for women.

Stylish, intimate, transformative artistry by three talented female photographers passionate about showing every woman how beautiful she really is.

Who is boudoir photography for?

 In short, every woman. Every woman deserves to feel beautiful, feminine and desirable - qualities that we struggle to see in ourselves all too often.


The decision to do a boudoir shoot often coincides with a milestone such as a significant birthday, upcoming wedding with some beautiful bridal boudoir photography, a body transformation or simply a desire to rediscover yourself.

It is something every woman deserves to do at some point in her life for the transformative way the experience changes how you see yourself.


As women we’re somehow programmed to be under-confident in ourselves, even if our partners love everything about our bodies and tell us that frequently. It has become a mission of MUSE Luxury Boudoir to show other women just how beautiful they are - they simply cannot see it and that chronic self-doubt is so damaging.

As a trio of talented and passionate female photographers, we create stylish boudoir portraits that celebrate your innate beauty that reframe and rejuvenate your self confidence, the result being a work of art that celebrates you in the most seductively beautiful way.


What is a boudoir photoshoot like?

As a female photographer and having had several boudoir shoots myself, I absolutely understand the importance of making you feel relaxed, reassured and involved every step of the way. It's my job to carefully pose and direct you into the most flattering positions to create sensual boudoir portraits that we have carefully styled together with gorgeous lingerie, heels and accessories.


The elegantly furnished scenes in my home in Salisbury, Wiltshire together with precise posing and lighting will accentuate your most flattering curves, and together with my deep understanding of the female form I promise you will be amazed at the result.


Please do get in touch to chat about your ideas and we'll send you our guide on what to expect. Taking that first step is the hardest part, but we're here to guide you every step of the way x





You gave me the confidence to believe in myself.

To love my scars and imperfections and see something beautiful.

Ultimately you encouraged me to achieve what I felt was impossible.

All in a day I will  never forget.


I never would have expected that after three children, it would be possible to get pictures like that of myself, that I actually love. You did such an amazing job all day, taking the time to make me feel really comfortable, encouraging me and helping me feel confident in front of the camera and I had such fun at the same time!

I was nervous about seeing the photos, dreading that I would be disappointed (not worried about your skill as a photographer, but about how my half naked body would look on paper). I did not need to be anxious at all. That morning was such an uplifting moment for me, I did not ever think that I could look that good in a photograph and I swear I smiled all day after seeing them. The poses you got me to do looked amazing and were so tastefully done. I have showed a couple of friends and they were very impressed – I was overwhelmed by their reactions and very, very happy. So thank you,


To say my boudoir shoot was liberating and empowering feels like a cliche. But it really was. 

I never thought I could look like that, I never saw it, even though my partner tells me I am beautiful every day. Now I have the proof! With one of the gorgeous photos on my bedroom wall, I wake up every morning seeing that image of myself and it gives me confidence to face the day.

It truly has transformed how I feel about myself, I wish I'd done it years ago.

Ready to find out more?

Head to the MUSE website and I look forward to seeing you there.

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