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Sunrise personal branding session with Mind Body PT

Updated: Feb 7, 2023

I'm not known for being a morning person, I can't deny. But when Salisbury personal trainer and coach James Tilley approached me for some imagery that stood out from the crowd, I jumped at the chance to get some unique sunrise images that represented his more holistic, full-body-and-mind approach to fitness and how we train the human body. He works *with*, not against, the body's natural movement patterns and you couldn't pay him all the money in the world to use those static machines you see row after row down at the gym. In fact, walk into his studio and there's barely any equipment there - just some odd-looking sticks, maces and kettlebells. Don't be fooled though. There's no such thing as an easy workout with James.

We were treated to the most incredible sunrise at Old Sarum at 5am one summer's morning and had to work pretty fast before that incredible light went. I just love the silhouette feel and soft light that is miles away from your average fitness professional's images. You can find all these images heavily in use on his website and social media and if all early mornings were like this I might be inclined to get up earlier!


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