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Personal branding photography for The Nourished Soul

Henrietta approached me about a personal branding photography session, full of passion, to elevate her website and social media presence with some awesome, and very personal, imagery for her nutritional therapy and fertility service, The Nourished Soul. Aimed to help parents and want-to-be parents, she advocates nutrition and lifestyle help for all the family, before even conception.

And boy, does she practice what she preaches. As a former international pole vaulter and registered nutritional therapist, she is a vision of physicality (have you seen her arms??!!) that most of us only dream of.

Not only that, she has two small boys who were pure delight during our shoot. We had a brilliantly chaotic cooking session, following by brilliantly chaotic eating session and some seriously cute running around the garden. We shot this at mine in Salisbury, Wiltshire, as Henrietta's renovation on her house is underway and we wanted a bright clean aesthetic, with the images colour graded to complement her branding colours of greens.


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