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Personal branding photo session with Roo Davies of Spotlight Coaching

Updated: Feb 8, 2023

Roo is a fireball of energy and passion and she breezed into my home in Salisbury one chilly autumn morning and lit the place up with her enthusiasm and smile. We had an awesome day capturing that on camera, for her new business, Spotlight Coaching. She wanted slick, business-like but not stuffy portraits that captured her spirit but also her professionalism.

We shot some glossy business portraits down in the studio - sleek, minimalist setup, my light and airy staircase to emulate a business environment and then used some of the rooms upstairs for some more informal, Roo-at-work- images that reflect her brand and business approach. She needed images that are versatile enough to use as backgrounds to overlay text on, website banners, social media posts as well as headshots so photographing in multiple layouts was crucial.

It's so important with personal branding photography to make sure there's plenty of expression and personality in the images so that Roo's audience really feel like they are getting to know her through the content she puts out on social media and her website. I really think that these images give everyone a feel for that energy and bounce that Roo has oozing out of her every pore!

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