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I miss the sun.....

Wow aren't holiday memories just so precious?

We were lucky enough to visit the Turks & Caicos islands this summer - a magical paradise of crystal blue waters and icing-sugar sand, but most importantly, it was very special time with the American side of our family who we don't get to see as nearly as often as we'd all like.

I was granted 20 minutes by a bunch of unwilling teenagers to take some sunset portraits on the beach - I can't hand on heart say they were exactly obliging - and mostly grunted at me the whole time but these are just about the most precious images I have of them all together - and all of us all together.

As they get older and start to lead more independent lives, the opportunities for us to all be together are dwindling by the year. Even less are the opportunities to capture us all on camera for posterity so I'm incredibly grateful for these family portraits. Taking holiday pictures is so special - but isn't even better when you get to be in the images yourself?

I often get asked to visit families on their summer holidays, often to the coast in Devon and Cornwall, and spend a few hours with them while they're relaxed and happy enjoying time together. I'd love to do the same for you.

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