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A little bit about myself...

Updated: Feb 1, 2023

I thought I might introduce myself....hello, I'm Gemma - a photographer based in Salisbury, Wiltshire. My passion is capturing the visual stories of people, boudoir and brands.

I am incredibly lucky to have a job that I passionately enjoy. I get to meet some wonderful people with whom I am proud to have forged lasting bonds and who entrust me with creating valuable memories of the most important people in their lives. It's a responsibility I undertake with great care and passion and I would love to do the same for you.

I'm also an adventurer, wife, mother, self-confessed sugar addict and SayYesMore Ambassador. I have been fortunate enough to experience some of the most jaw-dropping places on Earth....I’ve watched the sun set on Mount Everest, the Milky Way in the middle of the ocean and the morning sun turn the Alpine mountains into a white sea of diamonds. I’ve jumped off turquoise waterfalls in the Grand Canyon and my adventurous spirit is always looking for new challenges and explorations.

But as much as the wonders of our big blue planet feed my soul, the smaller pleasures closer to home bring simpler, but just as special, meaning. A snuggle on the sofa with my teenage kids (though it needs bribery these days), a really good bar of chocolate or the pure indulgence of a back scratch.

When I'm not photographing, I ski as often as I can and get lost running through the woods with my crazy spaniel.

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