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stylish commercial photography to showcase your brand in a way that is aspirational, authentic and relatable.

Lifestyle Advertising Photography

I'm a freelance commercial lifestyle advertising photographer based in Wiltshire and London but undertake commissions throughout the UK and worldwide, including Hampshire, Surrey, Berkshire, Oxfordshire, Dorset and Somerset. I also have a simple studio space in Salisbury to suit portraits and still life/product projects.

I have over 12 years experience creating compelling advertising photography for high end brands that reflect their uniqueness, values and story. My commercial work is diverse, ranging from children's merchandise, to fashion retail, hospitality, travel and superyachts. I have worked with BMW, NHS, Tractor Ted, Rocket Entertainment Group, and many boutique premium lifestyle brands.

It is crucial to me to connect with and understand you as a client, working closely with you to deliver stylish, creative lifestyle imagery that elevates your brand and communicates meaningfully with your audience. Having worked with a number of high profile clients, I have developed a reputation for discretion and flexibility and look forward to discussing your photography project and how I can bring your ideas to life. Do get in touch.


Please browse through my portfolio of recent work below.

Commercial Lifestyle photographer Gemma Brunton standing in river

I really love my waders.

I bring them on every shoot, y'know...just in case...

  • Where do shoots take place?
    I like to have two locations up our sleeves for maximum versatility. Usually one outdoors for environmental portraits - this can be either an urban or a rural setting, and another indoors (this is England, after all!). It can either be your workplace if that makes a pleasing backdrop, or we can look at venues that would be a 'believable' setting for your audience. For example, if you were to meet your clients in a cool cafe, we could seek permission to photograph there, or a co-working space, country house, hotel or airbnb. We just need to make sure that both locations are close to each other so that valuable shoot time isn't wasted travelling from one to another. I can also offer my home as a setting which has some versatile environments - do ask me for examples of images shot at mine in Salisbury.
  • Help! I've no idea how to pose and HATE being photographed!
    You are not alone, don't panic! Putting yourself in front of the camera is often a deeply uncomfortable position for many people. I am an expert in posing women and it's my job to make you feel relaxed, reassured and show you how to hold yourself into flattering poses that suit you. We'll chat and laugh along the way so you don't get a chance to tense up. I have a ton of tricks up my sleeve to help in the posing department and after a shoot with me you'll never feel unsure about being in front of the camera again. Promise.
  • What on earth do I wear?
    In short, outfits that make you feel fabulous. I have a whole guide dedicated to helping you style your shoot and at our planning session we'll talk through options. You'll want to tie in colours that work well with your branding and the environment we're shooting in, don't feel too seasonal (unless appropriate) and flattering. Nothing too tight that wrinkles when you're sitting, shows too much flesh or equally makes you look like a tent (it's also the perfect opportunity to treat yourself to a shopping trip). Do get in touch to ask for my planning guide.
  • Is personal branding photography just for women?
    Contrary to popular belief, absolutely not! It's just, ahem, (dare I say this out loud ) that often it feels like women are just more in tune to the importance of their image as a shop window for their brand and hence more readily prepared to get in front of the camera. I've photographed plenty of male brand owners, and it's definitely a growing trend, but getting them out of the mindset that a stale, uninspiring headshot will suffice is an issue I am slowly address - one man at a time!
  • What kind of images will we capture?
    Whatever you need! I listen carefully to what you're visually trying to get across but usually it's a variety of business portraits in your work environment - if you work with people I usually suggest we can a couple of willing people along to act as models, sometimes it's lifestyle product photography, sometimes it's flat-lays and sometimes behind-the-scenes shots of you off-duty with family/pets or engaging in hobbies. There's no set formula and we work closely together to tie down what will be most useful. We'll also discuss, perhaps with your web designer or social media manager, the practical side of the images you need - such as if you need wide, thin banner images to go at the top of your website, or mostly square crops for Instagram, images to overlay text on etc etc.
  • Got a question that needs answering?
    Drop me a line and ask! I'm more than happy to chat in more detail about what's involved and brainstorm ideas.


Our brief was to create a broad mix of portrait shots, covering a number of senior executives and our new CEO in particular. We wanted a variety of looks and moods for a wide range of different editorial uses. 
With impressive speed and efficiency, Gemma created work which met the brief entirely, with a selection of beautifully composed and creatively lit images. 
She was a pleasure to work with throughout the process and managed to make the shoot enjoyable for all the subjects, even those who were not looking forward to it. That certainly added to the quality of the end results, which were excellent. We will certainly commission Gemma again. 


Lifestyle Advertising Photography Portfolio

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